Bridgerton is a Modern Feminist Critique of the Past

Women’s History Month Means Celebrating the Greatness of my Predecessors

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Dear Memuna,

Here’s How I Did It.

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The Often Painful Stereotypes of Colourism are Linked to Racism

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Her Desire to be Picked May Cause You Great Harm

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It’s Hard to Let Myself Have a Chance at Friendships.

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“If there is anything behind a face, that face improves with age.”
~ Karen de Crow

This Is Us

A soul is a soul, be it a cat’s or a human’s

Kitten pop art, vibrant colors.
Kitten pop art, vibrant colors.
Photo: jhillphotography/Getty Images

“Knowing as beings in time

we do not merely become,

we are.


unveiling intense trajectory of deep

in one, in all

The Muslim Tradition of Mind-Body Therapy

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Wardah Abbas

Founding Editor, The Muslim Women Times. I write about Gender, Culture, Equality and Islam | Visit our Website at

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